UDL Now! Book Guide Club

This book club guide for UDL Now! by Katie Novak, Ed.D. is your interactive guide to applying Universal Design for Learning in today’s classroom. Host an effective and constructive book club with this guide as your partner.


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UDL Now! Book Club Guide

How to use this guide

This guide is broken into “modules” which correspond to each chapter in the book. You can determine the pace of getting through the chapter modules based on the preferences of the group. In each module, participants read the associated chapters, consider the reflection questions at the end of the chapter, and/or choose one of the resources to further explore and put learning into practice.
UDL Now! Book Club Guide

The Goal

Learn tools and strategies to help all learners meet high standards using the principles of Universal Design for Learning.

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Make It Universal

As you facilitate your book club, remember to incorporate the principles of UDL.


Share & Reflect

Share your stories. Share your failures. Reflect and endure.